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All Children's Playground at Beech Acres Park

All Children's Playground at Beech Acres Park : 6910 Salem Road, Cincinnati, OH 45320

6910 Salem Road, Cincinnati, OH 45320

About This Playground

There is a Tot-lot complete with a train and train station. There are swings, a sand play area, a playhouse, a mini-mountain, and an arched bridge with walking paths and shaded pergolas. For children ages 2-5 there are slides, rock climbing and bongo drum.s For older children there are climbing boulders and a fort. Also, for all, a riverboat shelter, seasonal water play area, and Sway Fun glider

  • Smooth surface throughout
    Smooth surface throughout A surface that smooth enough for a wheelchair, and is resilient enough to cushion a fall.
  • Ramps to play components
    Ramps to play components A path for a wheelchair to travel, not just to the playground, but within it as well.
  • Accessible swing
    Accessible swing Swings with features such as high backs and harnesses to assist special-needs children.
  • Safety fence
    Safety fence A fence enclosing the playground.
  • Single entrance
    Single entrance Only one way in or out of the play area, to help parents and caregivers keep track of children.
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